2000 Shippocho Tohshima
Jusanwari, Ama City, Aichi,
497-0002, JAPAN
Shippo Art Village is a facility to watch and learn, experience about "Cloisonne Enamel Ware" certified as a traditional handiwork called "Owari Shippo."
There are 2 separated museum; Fureai Museum is contained 4 zones to learn all about Cloisonne from its tradition, the other is Fureai Open Lawn where you can just relax and talk with your friends.
This is a place you can relax on the open lawn and enjoy nature walking around short track.
Here you can watch and learn about Cloisonne Enamel Ware by watching masterpieces. Also you can reach information for events, workshop, tour, and more about "Shippo."
You can purchhase cloisonne enamel ware, rerax in the lobby, have light refreshments here.
Learn about the history of Owari cloisonne enamel ware and view cloisonne masterpieces.
Make your own simple cloisonne enamel ware accessories.
Watch a Sippo artisan at work.
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