2000 Shippocho Tohshima
Jusanwari, Ama City, Aichi,
497-0002, JAPAN
Cloisonne enamel ware is a metal working technique where a multi-colored glassy glaze is baked onto a metal surface and is similar to works developed before the Christian era in the ancient Mesopotamia and Egyptian cultures.
Cloisonne is said to have traveled from Southeast Europe, to China via the Silk Road, and eventually to Japan.
In English, this is called cloisonne enamel, but in Japanese it is known as "Shippo". "Shippo" means "Seven Treasures" and is taken from the Buddhist Sutra describing the beauty of seven kinds of treasure being spread out.
Cloisonne enamel ware has been archeologically discovered in Japan in ancient mound tombs of the 7th Century. From that time onward, it was sometimes used in fixtures in temples and castles.
Cloisonne enamel ware spread throughout Japan due to the discovery of a manufacturing technique by Tsunekichi Kaji of Nagoya City in 1833.
Since then, the manufacturing of cloisonne enamel ware rapidly spread, with Owari in Aichi Prefecture becoming the center of production.

Cloisonne enamel ware first became internationally recognized in the mid 19th Century at the International exposition.
Since its introduction at the Paris International Exposition in 1867, many pieces of cloisonne enamel ware from Japan have been displayed at every International Exposition.
Many artisans from Aichi, such as Kodenji Hayashi, received awards for their works, spreading the fame of Owari cloisonne enamel ware.

From the mid 19th Century to the beginning of the 20th Century, various creative designs were added by Owari cloisonne, but due to suspension of production during World War II and other factors, some techniques have been lost. However, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry designated Sippo as a traditional handicraft representing Japan in 1985.

Large dish with design of peacock and peony

Monument identifying the origin of "Shippo"

Monument to honor the elderly Shogoro Hayashi

Tsunekichi Kaji

Hexagonal incense burner in ancient pattern

Hexagonal vase with design of birds and flowers

Large vase with design of birds and flowers
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